About Mike!

My name is Mike Pozulp. I am a computer scientist at LLNL, where I get to work with other super smart computer scientists and physicists on some of the most challenging scientific computing problems on some of the biggest computers in the world. In college I worked for our High Performance Computing Group and I was also a resident assistant. I spent summers interning at two different NASA Research Centers, NASA Ames and NASA Langley.

I keep an updated resume, too.

I have a lot of non-professional interests. Enough that I need to write them down so that when I have sufficient free time I can remember what I like to do to keep busy. Juggling, cooking, reading, camping, programming, Wikipedia, biking, running, basketball, music, yoga, weight lifting, dogs, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, museums, online courses, gender studies.

Pozulp (pronounced by saying "pose" then "gulp" without the g) is supposed to be Lithuanian, but is most likely a recently-made-up derivative of some Lithuanian name - probably with twice the consonants and half the vowels of "Pozulp." We think the original name was discontinued for business reasons. I'm 50% Lithuanian. I am at least a fifth- or sixth-generation American, enough that I can't speak a word of the language or even find Lithuania on a map. But I am from Chicago, historically an eastern European immigrant hub, and my uncle owns a meatpacking company. The American meatpacking industry was originally centralized in Chicago with labor supplied by eastern European men. The Jungle, published in 1908, is a famous novel that exposed the hardships and distasteful practices of early industrial meatpacking. The creation of the FDA is partly attributed to the effect that Sinclair's novel had on the public.

I can be contacted by email sent to "m" preceeding my last name "pozulp" at gmail.